Here’s a selection of recent feedback from some of our students.

I learnt driving on a manual gearbox with Olu as my instructor.

Right off, one of the things I really liked about Olu was his ability to schedule our lessons early in the mornings so I could begin from home, finish the lesson and then head to work.

His method of instruction allowed me to drive like I was in control and make mistakes with the full trust that he had my back and our safety in mind. He was actively aware of the aspects of driving that were challenging me and encouraged me to approach them headfirst and overcome them. His knowledge of the general area of test routes was also quite positive and did work in my advantage – I know this might not be the same for everyone.

All in all, I was quite happy and had about a three month period from first lesson to passing my test, which I passed on my second attempt. Thank you Olu.

Brian Keith Carval19 July 2019Hounslow

Due to the excellent teaching and support of Inge Paret I managed to pass my practical and theory tests both first time. She is clear when giving instructions and constructive criticism so that you can always finish a lesson feeling as those you have improved. Would definitely recommend her.

Rebecca Wells19 July 2019Twickenham

I had driving instructor Ricky he is a very calm and kind instructor making things easy to understand and always smiling! Highly recommend.

Lilac Sawkins17 July 2019Walton-on-Thames

Dear Olu Words can not explain how thankful I am to had you as my instructor. Thank you so much for the patience, hard work and professional tips and tricks.
Going through a very stressful phase of my life I never thought I will be able to drive or pass a test, but you gave me confidence, encouraged me and managed my stress in every single lesson. You went an extra mile and made me to be a good driver for life. I wouldn’t have done it without your help.
You are a perfect, professional and kind instructor and I will highly recommend you for all. My husband will soon be your next student. God bless you Olu.

Mary Mushrif8 July 2019Twickenham

Rob was my instructor and was great, passed first time and was patient with me.

Liberty White5 July 2019Feltham

I cannot thank my instructor Inge enough. She helped me pass my driving test after having previous two failed attempts with someone else.
She is a very structured, professional and disciplined instructor. From day one she takes notes about the day like how it all went, objectives, goals and even weather. She works on every aspect of driving with safety as key priority as in future we will be driving our families around.
She does not make you feel bad instead motivates you to do good.
I really recommend her as chances of passing first time are more.
She is not only an excellent instructor but a very kind and loving character too.

H Shaikh24 June 2019Twickenham

I passed first time with Inge Paret from Allied. Not only is she an amazing person but also very professional, organised and punctual. She was also very flexible to accommodate my tight schedules. I was a very nervous driver and my experience with the previous instructor made me even more nervous and it all changed with Inge. She listened to all my fears about driving and worked through each and every one of it. Every class, she would make detailed notes about what needs to be improved and what the goal and objective for the next class have to be. She would go out of her way and take me to different routes so I could get as much as different situations and be comfortable on the road. It is a life skill when you learn from her. She is very passionate about teaching how to drive safely and If I could I will give her 10 stars. She is one of the best instructor and I’m very lucky that I found her.

Dheepa Nirma20 June 2019

I passed with Rob first time last Monday! Excellent instructor and would recommend him to anyone!

Nicole Green10 June 2019Sunbury-On-Thames

Passed 1st time with the help of Rob! Very reliable, patient and calm, would definitely recommend!

Nina C6 June 2019Twickenham

If your looking to pass your test and learn how to be a good driver, go with Olu. I’ve driven with my mum for a little and he corrected all my bad habits all under 8 hours of lessons. He’s always looking out to your best interest and i passed my test first time. I would highly recommend him to anyone young or old, im 17 and i found him a joy.

Remoon S7 June 2019Feltham

My son has dyslexia and struggles with things, but Olu his instructor was amazing. He made him feel relaxed, didn’t make him scared or worried when he made mistakes. My sons previous instructor had taught him bad habits and some wrong moves on the road. Olu corrected these and Callum passed his first test after having 2 weeks of lessons with Olu.
I could not recommend a better instructor. Thank you Olu.

Michelle Hales5June 2019Feltham

I had an great experience with Allied Driving School. Inge Paret was my driving instructor. She is amazing, supportive, calm and professional. Always on time and flexible with the classes. Every advice given by her, ultimately helped me pass my test the first time. Thank you Inge for all your patience and helping me with anything I was unsure of and giving me confidence behind the wheel. It was a right choice going ahead with Allied driving school and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

Clive Rebello2May 2019Feltham