Here’s a selection of recent feedback from some of our students.

I would just like to thank Olu for getting my son jack through his first driving test on the 7.8.20, allied driving school was the perfect choice for our son, and we would highly recommend them to everyone, Olu TOP MAN.

Andy Freeman10 August 2020Feltham

I took driving lessons with Inge until I passed the (first!) test last week. I liked my driving lessons a lot! Inge was a very good instructor and taught me a lot during our lessons. I gained more and more confidence during our lessons and finally managed to pass the test. I think I was very lucky to have such a good instructor!

Kim H10 August 2020Mortlake

Just passed my exam from the first attempt. Olu is a brilliant driving instructor. He gave me so much confidence. I highly recommend Olu to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Verica Angelova5. August 2020Hampton

I had Inge, and I must say she very quickly made me gain confidence on the road. She was always very organised, kind, patient yet firm when that was required. A fantastic teacher, who prepared me methodically and greatly for the practical test. Couldn’t have imagined anyone better.

Anton Frieser7 March Mortlake

Olu was my driving instructor, very kind man and understanding. Helped me lots in learning to drive and supported me to pass in under 12 weeks. Would highly recommend as allows you to learn comfortably at your own pace.

Elise DavisStaines 6 March

Would highly recommend allied driving school my instructor was Rob He was always calm and Patient, always on time and had a lot of great advice to help pass.

Sian Donnelly4 March Feltham

I would like to say thanks to Inge and that I’m happy for having her as my instructor. She is fantastic!
Kind, organised, positive, and always explains everything calmly and patiently. She made me a confident driver.
I strongly recommend Inge. She is incredibly prefessional and a lovely person.

Ana Maria D’agostiana3 March Richmond

Olu is an amazing instructor helping me pass first time, he is very calming and excellent at helping you get over your nerves and building your confidence. Theres no way I could of passed without him.

Megan Teuten3 March Feltham

I would highly recommend Mr Ricky he was friendly, patient instructor who was able to help boost my confidence when driving. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! Thank you again.

Leena Gurung1 MarchFeltham

My instructor was Ricky. Every driving lessons was very fun and enjoyable but also informative. He broke everything down so it was easy to understand and follow and was very patient with me when I got confused or was unsure of anything and went through everything again as much as needed till it was imprinted in my mind.

Tori Wolter27 February Weybridge

I’d highly recommend Inge, Who is a diligent, punctual and a highly professional driving instructor. She is very calm, patient and has a keen eye for detail, She helped me pick up the nuances of the driving and gain confidence in my own driving skills. Her extensive knowledge about the local driving areas helped me immensely during my driving exam and I’ve managed to pass the test in my first attempt. Therefore, I’d highly recommend the instructor to any one who is aspiring to become a qualified and a safe driver.

B Singh26 February Hounslow

At first I started off as the most nervous driver but thankfully to an instructor with a big smile and great sense of humour I progressed quickly and past first time, which was a big surprise to my whole family. Honestly can’t compliment him enough for his amazing skill and humour which made it all.

Jonathan David Har.25 February Ascot