Here’s a selection of recent feedback from some of our students.

I highly recommend Rob from Allied Driving School. I had great learning experience with Rob who is very helpful, friendly, calm and professional instructor. Always on time and very flexible with lesson times and dates.
Any question in your mind(even silly ones), Just Ask, he will explain it to you. Tips and tricks for passing the test were really helpful.

S Rai11 March 2018Feltham

I highly recommend allied driving school. I had rob as an instructor and the experience I had was really good. Rob is calm and patient through out every lesson and helped me massively to pass my test with only 2 minors.

Conor dyos26 March 2018Feltham

I first want to thank my great driving instructor Inge for all the great advice she gave me, which ultimately allowed me to pass my driving test first time. The things she taught me weren’t only useful for the test but will also come in handy for real life driving and all sorts of situations.
I also wan’t to give thanks to my driving examiner Gary, who was extremely nice and professional during the test.
I can definitely recommend this driving school to anybody learning to drive, or even to people who want to learn some valuable tips and tricks to better understand the safety of the road.

Patrick Spiegel12 February 2019Twickenham

In total I had 4 different driving instructors and 4 driving tests throughout my learner driving experience. Inge Paret was my fourth and final driving instructor and with her organisation and committment she helped me (finally) pass my fourth driving test. She is by far the best instructor I have had, she really sees and analyses your mistakes and goes over them again and again until you stop making the same mistake. She explains everything to you in thorough detail and does many mock tests with you before you final test day comes. She also explains things about the car so you understand things clearer and goes through the questions the examiner asks you in the test. My examiner Vik Singh was a very kind examiner, who made me feel less nervous. The 40 minutes went by so quick and hearing that I had passed filled me up with joy. All in all my experience with Inge Paret was really great and would highly recommend

Cecilia Dieke13 February 2020Richmond

Thanks once again to my driving instructor Rob. He was a very patient and calm. He helped me builds my confidence with every lesson. Highly recommend.

Ela Sokolowska-Prinsloo14/Feb 2019Feltham

Rob is a very patient and he always tells you what you are doing wrong and where you need more practice and focus. He is always on time. Highly recommend.

Nidhi Kansal22 January 2019Staines-upon-Thames

Inge’s a fantastic instructor. She always made sure I understood where I went wrong when I made mistakes, whether by using digital animations or real paper (I pity the number of trees that went into helping me understand roundabouts). No matter how many times I made stupid mistakes, Inge never lost patience with me and it’s thanks to her that I can say “I have defeated gear 1”.

Hannah Cowie9 January 2019Twickenham

I had my first driving lesson in January this year, Rob was a friendly instructor who gave me confidence. He was extremely helpful in arranging lessons around times that fitted in with me doing the school run and working. I would 100% recommend Rob for learning to drive!

Alice Robinson

My instructions Inge Paret, was incredibly professional and passion. Helping me to pass my test at first time and let me feel safe and confident on the road.
I felt confident and at ease on the road at the lesson, and could feel myself improve. Inge went above my expectations helping to motivate me and sending videos and link’s in order to learn how to deal with other difficult aspects of driving.
I’m really greatfull and thanks to Inge, my friend and my partner, and very kind driving instructor Rob that they belive in me.

Justyna Murach21 DecemberStaines

My instructor, Rob, helped me quickly progress in my learning and has given me a lot of confidence on the roads. I found his instructing really helpful as he emphasised a common sense approach to driving. Would recommend!

Joel Jordan4 January 2019Feltham

Inge’s friendly and patient way of teaching, going through and explaining everything I was unsure of, made me feel at ease and taught me a very save and considerate driving style. Recording my progress and areas I found more difficult in each lesson, she prepared me very well for driving on my own and I passed first time. She is a fantastic driving instructor.

Cäcilie Habbel15 November 2018Twickenham

Rob was a great driving instructor, he was very reliable and explained things thoroughly. I felt confident going into my test knowing I’d been taught everything I needed to know and I passed first time. I would highly recommend!

Holly Ibbs19 November 2018Ashford