Here’s a selection of recent feedback from some of our students.

Thank you Olu for your commitment to Grace you went over and beyond to help her and we can’t thank you enough – We highly recommend Olu for all your learning skills to drive he’s excellent Thank again.

Leeanne Bamford3 December 2020SUNBURY

Ricky was such a delightful and exceptional driving instructor. His lesson structure, his adaptable way of teaching and the details he adds to ensure successful practices definitely guarantees a first time pass. I am very pleased to have passed my practical test just over a week ago :).

Stella Opare12 November Staines

Ricky is a very good instructor who has helped me throughout my learning experience, he was incredibly patient with me and answered all of my questions. Couldn’t recommend Ricky enough

Andu BWalton

Olu is a lovely and friendly driving instructor and passed first time thanks to him. Highly recommend! Thank you!

Jade Rackley3 November

Highly recommend Inge – she’s really professional, punctual and patient. The preparation was very thorough and I feel confident driving in the future. Thank you for everything! .

Leonie Nagel3 November 202Mortlake

I had never ever driven before. And I came across Mr Olu for my driving training. Initially I was expecting to take some what 30-35 lessons before taking the test, but the way Olu trained me I managed to pass the test after 20th lesson first attempt. I cant thank enough to Olu for that. At the same time I would also say that yes his training is quite intesive for the first time drivers. But I believe bcoz of his intesive traning I found the test very easy and managed to pass it at the first attempt. Will always recommend Mr Olu.

Shalin Suryakant A.30 October 202Feltham

An excellent experience from start to finish, my instructor, Olu, was extremely patient and capable of dealing with a very anxious learner, enabling me to pass first time. I can’t recommend the service highly enough!

Gary Taylor29 October 202Feltham

I have passed my driving test with my energetic driving instructor Olu!. He understands the flaws in us and mold’s us to be a safe and efficient driver. He comes with a proper plan before even meeting me for the classes, in addition to that he is so comfortable to communicate and does not hesitate to answer my queries a millionth time. He made me pass the test in less than 10 classes, thank you very much Olu. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive effortlessly and confidently.

Thomas Philip26 October 2020Staines

Had the pleasure of learning how to drive from Mr Olu, he was my second instructor and worked hard to build my confidence and correct some deep rooted mistakes, he was professional and respectful and thanks to him I was able to pass my test first time. I highly recommend.

Seher Mirza28 October 2020Staines

I have just passed my test first time after 3.5 months learning with Olu. I am in my fifties and needed to learn from scratch at a very difficult time in my life. Olu was always patient and polite, very friendly and personable, and also an excellent and encouraging teacher who prepared me thoroughly for my test. I would highly recommend Olu.

Nicola Wells26 October 2020Twickenham

Highly recommend Naresh! Really professional, punctual and taught me everything I needed to pass. Couldn’t have done it without him.

Zaina P20 October 2020Feltham

I have had my driving lessons with Mr Olu and can honestly say he has been absolutely brilliant! Because of him I’m able to drive today safely and confidently. He understands the mistakes new/learner drives makes in UK roads and helps you to correct it quickly. He always has a positive approach and has been really patient in teaching.
My thanks to him and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Karthik Ravi13 October 2020Chertsey