Brian Keith Carval

I learnt driving on a manual gearbox with Olu as my instructor.

Right off, one of the things I really liked about Olu was his ability to schedule our lessons early in the mornings so I could begin from home, finish the lesson and then head to work.

His method of instruction allowed me to drive like I was in control and make mistakes with the full trust that he had my back and our safety in mind. He was actively aware of the aspects of driving that were challenging me and encouraged me to approach them headfirst and overcome them. His knowledge of the general area of test routes was also quite positive and did work in my advantage – I know this might not be the same for everyone.

All in all, I was quite happy and had about a three month period from first lesson to passing my test, which I passed on my second attempt. Thank you Olu.

Brian Keith Carval19 July 2019Hounslow