Cecilia Dieke

In total I had 4 different driving instructors and 4 driving tests throughout my learner driving experience. Inge Paret was my fourth and final driving instructor and with her organisation and committment she helped me (finally) pass my fourth driving test. She is by far the best instructor I have had, she really sees and analyses your mistakes and goes over them again and again until you stop making the same mistake. She explains everything to you in thorough detail and does many mock tests with you before you final test day comes. She also explains things about the car so you understand things clearer and goes through the questions the examiner asks you in the test. My examiner Vik Singh was a very kind examiner, who made me feel less nervous. The 40 minutes went by so quick and hearing that I had passed filled me up with joy. All in all my experience with Inge Paret was really great and would highly recommend

Cecilia Dieke13 February 2020Richmond